Eggs in a Bread Basket

This recipe is perfect for those mornings when you just can't seem to find the time to make yourself a complete and healthy breakfast. With a combined preparation and cooking time of 4 minutes, you can't go wrong! This quick protein fix is a great way to start your day! Try it out for yourself! 

1 slice of whole wheat bread
2 tsp butter (or Margarine)
1 tbsp of salsa
1 egg
2 tsp chopped green onion
2 tsp chopped bell pepper
1 tbsp of shredded cheese

Variations: If you dont have green onion or any sort of bell peppers at hand, try using diced tomatoes or even frozen peas! If you have any sliced lunch meat, you can always simply chop it up into small pieces and add it in the mix too!

1) Trim crust from bread (or simply tear it off)
2) Spread butter/margarine on one side of the bread, and place it butter side down in a ramekin (or any small bowl, approx. 1cup)
3) Spoon salsa onto the bread and crack the egg on top
4) Sprinkle with green onion, pepper and cheese
5) Microwave on HIGH until the yolk is cooked till desired consistency (between 1 and 2 minutes)

- Fruit & Cheese
 * Pack some chunks of cheese in a baggie the night before and store in the refrigerator. Pair this   with an apple on your way out the door the next morning!

- Instand Oatmeal (
 * Visit the quaker website for a list of their quick and easy instant oatmeals. Simply add some boiled water to the packet of oatmal, and breakfast is served!

- Eggs in the Microwave (
* Eggs can be fast and easy with the handy eggy system. Cook them up in the microwave, and a few minutes later you can enjoy them alone or on a slice of toast.

- Peanutbutter & banana sandwich
  * Grab your choice of bread, tortilla or pita, smear on some peanutbutter and roll around a banana.. Done!